Travis Ackerman Explains the Latest From North Colorado’s Land Market Leading North Colorado real estate broker Travis Ackerman considers the latest figures from the region’s land market. The North Colorado land market, which encompasses Larimer and Weld Counties, most recently recorded more than 1,650 acres of land sales during the second quarter of 2019, changing hands for a total of almost $58 million. According to leading local real estate broker Travis Ackerman, an exact total of 1,668.1 acres and a combined value of $57.9 million represent the second-strongest quarter on record since early 2017. “A rebound from a slow first quarter when only 605 acres sold in the North Colorado market, the average price per acre fell to a little over $34,000,” reveals Ackerman, a director for Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate based in Fort Collins. This is a far cry, says the expert, from the more than $88,000 per acre recorded in the slower, volume-wise, first quarter. “Nonetheles…
Travis Ackerman Offers Professional Insight Into North Colorado Retail Space MarketTop real estate broker Travis Ackerman sheds new light on the burgeoning retail sector real estate market in North Colorado. As NorthColorado, is ranked as the country’s second-best place to live by the U.S. News & World Report during the second quarter of 2019, rental rates in the area continue to strengthen, particularly within the city’s retail market. That’s according to Travis Ackerman, a director for Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate based in Fort Collins, as he provides a closer look at the North Colorado retail space market. “North Colorado, enjoys one of the strongest economies in the nation,” suggests Ackerman. Good news, he says, for the city’s retail space market. “Considering the billions of dollars invested in major active and pending infrastructure projects, a booming construction pipeline, and investors continuing to trade properties at a rapid pace, the future remains bri…
Travis Ackerman Dissects Second-quarter North Colorado Office Space MarketLeading North Colorado real estate professional Travis Ackerman pours over latest office market figures.
One of the top commercial brokers in the region, Travis Ackerman is a director for Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate based in the northern Colorado city of Fort Collins. Recently ranked as the top industrial broker in the area, Ackerman delves into figures from the Fort Collins area’s office space market as robust sales activity hits close to a 100 percent quarter-over-quarter increase.
“The North Colorado office market continued to provide strong fundamentals throughout the second quarter of 2019,” reveals Ackerman. “Economic indicators for the office space market in and around Fort Collins are promising,” he adds, “with unemployment down compared to the same period last year, much in line with wider U.S. employment figures.”
Overall market indicators also look promising, according to the expert. …
Travis Ackerman delves into latest real estate market figures for Fort CollinsCushman & Wakefield director Travis Ackerman provides professional insight into local industrial real estate market. From key statistics and under-construction properties to submarkets and supply and demand trends, Travis Ackerman, a director for Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate, offers a closer look at the latest industrial real estate market figures from in and around the northern Colorado city of Fort Collins.

"Developers in and around Fort Collins have finally responded to years of exceptionally tight conditions," reveals Ackerman having carefully considered key industrial market statistics from the region.

The amount of recently available under-construction space has eclipsed an earlier cyclical peak by a factor of two, according to the expert. "Currently, the vast majority of ongoing speculative development is in logistics space," adds Ackerman.

Travis Ackerman has re…
Travis Ackerman Shares a Closer Look at Marketing Strategy
Cushman & Wakefield director Travis Ackerman discusses marketing strategy at the North Colorado commercial real estate firm.
From brochures, email campaigns, postcards, signage, and press releases, to design, research, and legal services, Travis Ackerman offers a closer look at marketing strategy at Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate.
“It’s about saturating the market and creating a buzz,” suggests Colorado native Ackerman, “whether a client is looking to reach a smaller, targeted, local audience, or go big with a wide, national reach.”
Thanks to comprehensive marketing and research departments, Travis Ackerman and Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate are able to offer in-house professional standard graphic design services for all marketing materials, including brochures, postcards, email campaigns, and websites.
The firm also boasts that clients and their listings receive ‘unparalleled visibility,’ accor…
Travis Ackerman ranked top among local real estate brokersColorado native Travis Ackerman named top industrial real estate broker in the Weld County area.
Based at Cushman & Wakefield in Fort Collins, Colorado, local real estate professional Travis Ackerman has been named as the Weld County area's top industrial sector broker with an impressive 8.8 percent market share. Ackerman's share of the market puts him well ahead of the competition, with the second and third highest-rated brokers currently commanding just 4.9 and 3.4 percent of the market apiece.

"It's great to be recognized as the top industrial broker in the area," says Travis Ackerman, "and it's also a fantastic testament to the excellent work which we do at Cushman & Wakefield."

Specializing in industrial, retail, and office space, Ackerman's outstanding performance also puts Cushman & Wakefield at the top of the overall industrial sector charts, collectively responsible for…
Travis Ackerman Reflects on First Quarter North Colorado Office Space Market
Realtor Travis Ackerman shares North Colorado office market real estate update for this year’s first quarter.
Following a strong year in 2018, North Colorado’s office space market has enjoyed a promising start to 2019, something which looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. That’s according to realtor Travis Ackerman, a director for Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate, as he shares an office market real estate update for the year so far.
“We’re pleased to report that both overall and direct average gross rental rates have increased from the close of 2018 to the close of the first quarter of 2019,” reveals Ackerman, “increasing by 1.4 percent to $23.38 per square foot, and by precisely one percent to $23.22 per square foot, respectively.”
Rental rates, he adds, continue to rise across all building classes as demand continues to outstrip supply across much of North Colorado.
According to Ackerm…